10 April 2013

Lest you think I have given up riding.

We are smack in the middle of our so called "Long rains / Masika".  My perception is 1/3 or our rains fall in the first 4 weeks of our masika usualy starting last days of march or 1 April.

Which means the trails and roads can be muddy.  And the problem with some soils and biking is the soil is clay and it sticks to your tyres, which is a show stopper.

So for last Saturday I suggested the Lengijave plains as the soil is a sandy loam.  It was a hit.  Thomas , Amanda (white biker chick), John, and myself.  The biggest topic was whether we should be in this picture or home in bed nursing hangover or wasting the day on the Internet.  Stopping at the top of the escarpment.  From here it is 2 hours of downhill with a tailwind.  It was tough.

 One of our many stops.  Yep I am fat.  I am wearing the wool bike jersey i bought in 1973 while in high school! 
 We had to do the 20km of highway to get there, and we stop at the first refueling station as we hit the highway on the way home.  Probably the only time any of us drink soda pop. 

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