15 July 2013

Surprises on a routine ride.

I was reminded the club was riding saturday, but I knew they would drop me at the first interval,  then  I would ride alone until I met them on the return  and they would drop me again shortly after.  I didnt see a reason to meet up with a group and ride alone.

So I did the loop from my house to the forest, the medium one.  It was great riding up familiar tracks and I did 2 minute intervals. 

There is one section the track contours the mountain  and drops to another road.  As i approached that road something was different.  Instead of a single lane 4wd track it was wide enough for 3 cars, graded,packed, and all the trees lining the road were cut down!  It was quite a shock.  There have been rumours in the press that some sort of bypass road would be made up the mountain.

I turned off that and rode up to sambasha hill so I could zoom down through this forest.  Just like pacific northwest  USA.

Then i found these guys sawing boards. I stopped becuase I could not recognize the cornor as the trees were gone and road straight and wide.  So I talked about their work.  then I coasted contentedly home on a wide road.  Not before I missed another turn off the new road.  but that meant talking to a guy on the side of the road, who turns out works for Selian AIDS project.  I worked with some of his fellow workers.

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