05 July 2013

What turns me on.

Whoa now, settle down folks.  That subject is an attempt to get a few more hits on this blog. 

But let me talk about it.  Earlier this week I had to drop something in Njiro area on my way home.  It is the opposite direction and slightly lower elevation.  On my way back i figure I might as well make it a work out and so i push it climbing Back out of Njiro area.  I see two groups of two bicyclists heading up the hill and blow by the first two.  The next group splits and I can't catch the guy in red.  I figure when the road levels out maybe I can catch, but he must be a regular rider as I don't see him anywhere at the big Kijenge roundabout.  I keep a good pace on the Great North road and into Sakina.  I see a red jacket up ahead and he is going around a school bus and yelling at the driver.

I pull up and for a split second he is still seeing red from his dialogue with the bus driver. 

He confirms he was coming from Njiro.  We ride together through Sakina and talk commuting.  He rides the 13km one way  daily to work and back.

That chance encounter turns me on.  Meeting a normal bloke like myself who commutes and doesn't think much of it.

I was explaining how cool that was to someone and how cycle commuting allows you to interact more with others.  Like i mentioned in another post, even stopping at a light can be a positive event.

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