23 February 2016


My last post I started recording times on a set ride.

Friends helped me get a loaner full suspension bike.

On a Thursday in mid January I went on the set ride.  At the turn around I went to stop to record my record time.  as I came to a stop i couldn't get my foot out of the clips.  They had caked mud and were too tight.  I stopped and fell over in slow motion on the down hill side and tried to stop the fall with my middle finger.

For the first time in my life I dislocated a bone and it came out through the skin on my left middle finger.  I tried to relocate the finger and came close.  Then I was  freaked so I gave up.

I thought of making a phone call to the office for a car, but i figured that would take hours on these rough roads.  I tried to ride and it was possible by resting my hand on the handle bars.  There wasn't extreme pain, only when i jarred it.  so i coasted home, forgetting what my record time was.  I slowed way down on ditches.

It took over an hour to see a doctor and then things went fast.  A young doctor got advice from an older doctor.  It was a big relief to get it reset.

That is not the end of the story.  I needed to keep in shape, so on saturday went out with the fast boys.  Only ditches and rough parts were hard.  So I felt ok to keep training.

On Sunday I went with my senior aged buddies and a group of kids, figuring I could keep up.  will post tomorrow what happened.

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