14 March 2016

Update 2

Despite a dislocated finger i could grip enough and figured i would be recovered enough in 3 weeks.  So I went out on the next weekend.  Saturday I rode with the hotshots who were going a long around monduli mtn.  I did Lengijave plains and back.  i just took it easy in rough sections.

Next day i Joined two seniors and a bunch of novice teenagers.  great riding on the Mkulat hills.  Mostly bald steep hills.  A few have forests where they catch the mist in the trees and then buckets.

In a fast down hill i was almost the last person, taking it easy.  I slowed to ask why someone stopped and a kid came behind and locked his front brake and endoed over and smashed into my back.  I went sprawling, breaking a spoke and the screen on my phone.  I seemed shaken but okay.

A week later my ribs hurt more and more, and after treating pneumonia, then they also found two broken ribs.

So the 10 to 4 was scratched and i laid off weekend biking but continue commuting.

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