21 January 2007

No Ride but a party

By mid day I knew the (routine) Sunday morning ride would not be long, and might turn into a short spin. Now I am not even sure there will be any ride at all. Mostly because of "Nyama Choma", a Tanzanian national pasttime.

From time to time someone in my wife's family, usually me, says "lets get together for nyama choma". "Nyama choma" in kiswahili is literally " fire roasted meat", but like "barbeque" it often means somethng more, getting together for drinks, food, meat, talking, socializing, bonding, watching kids run around. This blog will introduce you to my extended family, something that is bigger than the bike.

Sometimes I wonder if I should even pretend to make this a bike blog, there is more to life. But I am not saying the bicycle in not important.

My wife Bernice made the call to family members.

And then started buying and cooking. Here she is in the kitchen. The picture suprises me that we have a microwave (bought 2nd hand 2 weeks ago) and a breadmaker. Two stoves? One gas and one electrical, another story.

Meanwhile I handle buying the drinks and setting up chairs outside.

So the family gathered on our front porch, through the door seldom opened.

It starts a bit slow.

Then the smiles starts on niece Evelyn.

My daughter Nashesha with HER nieces.

It tends to lead to some of us elders drinking until by 10 we were pretty loud and the Tequila was doing its work.

Grand niece Shakira is about as cute as they come.

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