03 January 2007

Wednesday is road day

On Wednesday's our club meets on the west side of town and ride 60km. It is fast ride. I can keep up and even do my share of pulls on the flat but when we get to the longer hills I get dropped.

Normally there are 20-30 riders. Today there were only 5. I guess there is some politics going on and secondly everyone is probably a bit burnt out from the 2 day stage race. I left with 2 other guys and we rode the first 15km at 41kmph, which is faster than the group rides. From then on Johnnie did more work than the other two of us.

the section on the return after the down hills was very fast. It is gently rolling and today we had a tail wind from the side and were doing mostly 50kmph for that 10km section. We turned the corner and had a big headwind and speed dropped to 27 to 33 depending who was in front. Today they waited for me at top of the hills.

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