21 January 2007

Some random thoughts

Random thoughts:

Should this blog be only about biking?
I think there are other things, my wife, kids, family , few friends that are more important, but it would be kind of hard to say the blog is about them. In a sense it IS about them or for them. My work/job is important, and employing and being a good employer is important but not sure I want to talk about work very often. I think this is basically a bike blog and sometimes I will get off the subject of bicycling. I think the bike moments like these...........

are all about bicycling but through those moments I am a better person for the important things. I note there is a lot of 'wildness' to my bicycling.

Have I been moody?
I think I forget fast when I have stress.

Blogs I read

Should we fix up the house.

It is a long story, a partnership gone sour, court cases, friendship, and waiting. It has been 20 years in this house and it is not "finished". Should we fix the front patio? Should we tile the floors? Should we make rock gardens? We don't own the house or pay rent, we stay because we are owed money and can't be kicked out.

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