10 December 2008

Firewood, Streetlights, and a busy Highway


A few months ago I started picking up sticks lying around in my work's parking lot and carrying them home in my frame bag and for cooking morning tea.

One day I noticed the parking lot sweepers were sweeping leaves and sticks and I asked what they did with them. I figured they took them home like me. Not so, they are burned with the trash. So I begged them to put some sticks in my bag. The next day I found the bag stuffed over flowing with nice round sticks. I would sometimes find it full. Today I found a big paper box next to my bike full of pieces of lumber. I was going to put the box on the rack but that would block my rear light, so I stuffed the briefcase, frame bag all full and left a few more pieces. Made me laugh at myself, kind of like a bag lady.

So I rode home with my firewood. On the main highway something seemed different.

Street lights.

Half way home it seemed that navigating in the dark was easier. Ahh I noted the recently erected street lights were actually on and it made seeing holes and pedestrians much easier. Maybe development is not so bad. The lighted roads lasted through the Technical College intersection. Then it was back to the dark. I was spoiled and missed the light.

Busy Highway.

About 1/2 the cars in my town Arusha are SUVs and when they come behind you it sounds like they are all screaming directly towards me. It is unnerving. When they pass I am surprised how far away they are from me. Today it seemed people were in a hurry and taking more chances. Even with all the lighted streetlights I felt vulnerable.

It then struck me that 2/3 of my commute is on the main north-south highway of Africa! No wonder it is busy.

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