16 December 2008

They made cars so we don't have to bicycle!

As you might know I am a stealth commuter. Especially as I near the office. My clothes,shoes, and bag are all geared so within minutes I look like all the other workers who drove or bused or walked to work.

Yesterday evening as I was walking out of my office complex I fell in step with a client, an successful insurance businessman of Asian origin. We exchanged pleasantries.

He asked if i was still riding my bike. I proudly confirmed and said even today.
I was dressed is office slacks and button down shirt, leather shoes and carrying a briefcase.

He said I was crazy so I asked why?

He replied " Well that is why they made cars."

I couldn't believe my ears.

I retorted that the side effects of cars is global warming, pollution, congestion, ill health, etc.

He agreed but I don't think I converted him.


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