05 April 2012

More spares

Life gets better and finding used spare parts gets better.

It starts with something negative.
On way to work, I ride through a neighbors plot with thier barbed wire fence down on the ground. Somehow it gets caught in my front tire, it comes up and breaks my front fender and I go on the ground. Of course it is in front of the builders on the plot next door.

So I stop at the used bike shop on the way to work and place an order for a fender. While snooping around Goodie brings out a complete shimano wheel set. It has internal dynamo and shimano light, AND the special wire connector! I want it!

He also shows me a low rider rack, some fork clamps. A day later I have the fender and new wheel set. the light is not as good as my LEDs but I now have two dynamos on this bike

One of the lights I found. I made the mount out of steel flatbar. A bit heavy. It sits nicely out of the way of everything.

I wanted a front rack and have found a number of them, but my fork doest have brake mounts on each fork. So i was thinking of having them brazed on. Then Goodie came up with these clamps! they work great.
When my bike got stolen I lost the last of my rear blinkys. I tried to find a 6v one to run off my dynamo but couldnt so for now i taped a reflector over another light and mounted backwards.

I find two mismatched pieces of metal to bolt on the fender mount so the lower panniers hooks are hooked here.


  1. Anonymous3:44 pm

    Been doing a lot of shopping lately huh?

  2. Anonymous3:44 pm

    been doing a lot of shopping huh?

  3. If you call 2 times for 15 minutes alot yes. LOL.

    You better swing around. Bernice thinks I killed you or made you hate me.