23 April 2012

Single track is for kids.

I managed to get out both Saturday and Sunday for ~4 hour rides. There was a scheduling thing so Junior Hemed came alone on Saturday. Junior is grade 11 and I met as a school leader. On Sunday there were 5 of us and including another two students. I chose the exact same ride for motivational purposes. After one struggles to climb high up on Mnt Meru you are rewarded with 10km of riding like this. We all like down hill single track through trees, but it is really for kids and the kid is us over the hill wannabes.


  1. I thought Mt Meru was just a gravel pile. Those woods look lovely.

  2. Bryna, the gravel and sand pile is above these woods. This is a forest plantation. Above this and in the river canyons are indigenous forests and even more lovely. From here it is almost 1/2 hour of riding through this forest.