25 September 2012

What is it with this guy and his gestures?

How come I am sitting down and everyone else is standing? And do I look more tired than the others or what?

Who was the chick?  White chicks dont ride bikes with us.


  1. Anonymous1:24 pm


  2. Anonymous9:52 am

    From "White Chick": Thanks for letting me join as a temporary member! Awesome ride in great company. I can't help but mention that the top photo was boys doing what boys to best...getting lost and refusing to ask for directions ;-)

    1. Hey "White chick". sorry for being politically incorrect. It was great to get whooped by a chick, please come riding again when you are around.

      Yeah these boys get lost fairly often, in fact some of them are permanently lost, some should be lost, and some we wish were lost.

    2. White Chick4:02 pm

      Given your recent 100+km rides I think I might be scared to join now I know what I'm in for... Heading up your way with my Rocky Mountain sometime soon though. :-) Love the blog. x

    3. You wont have a problem on the 100+km rides, as I am designated "sweeper" for some reason. Seeing a giraffe that close was pretty cool. I was in the office and your tech manager is a bikie also.