28 September 2012

Commuting thoughts

I have mentioned it before that the most frequent comment I get from people when discussing bicycle commuting is
"Isn't that dangerous in Arusha town?  I would do it but am afraid."

I  find it interesting that the bicycle commuters in Arusha I talk to all opt for the main roads as opposed to zigzagging on quieter streets, with one exception.

So serious bicycle commuters don't see it as a big issue.

Today I found a long queue of cars all through Sakina.  Man I was glad I was on a bicycle!

Got a flat in the morning.  How inconvenient is that in a car?  I put a patch on in about 7 minutes.

I has been suggested that when people look at me blankly when I talk about bicycle commuting, i should use a different approach.  ask " What? you don't have a bicycle?  you like sitting in traffic?  really? "  then look blankly at them.

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