11 August 2016

Family vacation rides

I have a fork holder on the roof and a collapsable bike and found a better way to lay a third bike on the roof, so I could take three bikes!.

When putting a bike on the roof rack flat, lay the tyres under the bike as a cushion, works great.  Although the fork clamp is the easiest and fastest way.  Also remove the quick release skewers.  One of mine the nut vibrated off!

We drove to Tanga town arriving in the dark.  Next morning the easiest bike to get out was the collapseable so i rode that for 2 hours.  It is a great bike considering it is collapseable.

First a stop in Amboni Caves near Tanga.  It was great.

Hitting the beach with daughter after a early morning ride.

Nashesha picked up a friend called george.

ride in the clouds in East Usambara.

dropping down to Korogwe.

Big brother Don making it to the road after an hour of descending mostly steep tracks.  He did one epic fall jumping off the bike and then a forward flip.  The second fall was not so epic but he got some good road rash.

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