11 August 2016

I would like to think that my bicycle commuting inspires or assists others to make the change.  I see some fellow workers have made the change but this is the first time someone more casual has made the change.  The bike on the right if of a "new" bicycle commuter.

Some interesting points:
1.  I would not have realised I had influence on this except the newbie started parking in MY spot.  It is a good spot as a tree blocks cars from this space.

2.  This was a guy who sends electronic money through the phone.  One day he asked about how to get a bicycle and i referred him to Arusha bicycle Center .

3.  He mentioned it one day but it didn't sink in that he bought a bike and uses it.

4.  Wow.  He bought a "real world" bicycle.  Stock made.  Fenders, racks, lights , dynamo.  It is a bike that is useful, not a toy racing bike that does not serve the purpose for transportation.

1 comment:

  1. Am very honored and inspired more and more this is a huge step I saw him this morning 13/8/2016,riding on California hydraulic disk brake cross bike along kijenge and I look closely as he rode it and I knew he got it from Arusha bicycle center. The idea is to impose cycling culture to Arusha and Tanzania at large slowly we will get there. Even I this is something I learned and it becomes addiction. Sometimes I get thirsty of pedaling like normal thirsty for water as they said "bike to live to bike"