13 August 2016

Ride of a lifetime

I ride a bicycle a fair amount.  I have had some epic rides.   I have met some epic riders.  But today was over the top.

 I have hosted around the world bicycle tourists, I rode my bicycle to the gate of Mt Kilimanjaro to shake hands with Alberto Contador, Rafaell Majaka, and Peter Sagan.  I rode RAMROD.  I rode 320km to Ngorongoro gate and back in 13 hours .

But those memories  pale in comparison to riding with my child today.

I have ridden with my daughter Nashesha many times, even 3 day trips, or long days on the tandem.

But today she rode an advanced route, and out did me several times.  There are some uphills in rough tracks and  I "came off" twice and walked,  she rode around me.  At no point did I have to compromise.
Reminds me of the days 15 years ago when my son Seth beat me up a hill.

There is nothing better in life when you see your child enjoy what is important to you.

Today was that day.  4 1/2 hours riding in total.  First dealing with heavy traffic for 30 min, climbing 800 m, helping me fix  a flats.  I mean really helping.  No complaints from a teenager and then  arriving home and telling mom  " it was so great".  I think I have reached the pinnacle of life.

The only rest stop.  Chai, a few wild berries, and a banana.

Some big trees in the forest.

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