01 May 2012

Boys afternoon

I didn't belong to a fraternity in college. In fact my college didn't have any frats. Since a few years I belong to a group of three who meet in frequently to have profound discussions and laugh a bit and maybe just maybe have a drink or three. I can't reveal names as one is a fugitive from injustice without any valid passport, and the other is a bum who quit his job a few years ago. The requests to join the group are numerous, but always declined with a smile.

So back to biking. I woke up this May Day morning morning thinking I haven't done a longish ride and it is a holiday. I can't today as I want to show up at work for awhile.

But I had completely forgotten that to ride to my fraternity of three gathering I rode about 30km each way. Coming home I left about 6pm , full of good food a a wee bit of wine. The last 30 minutes was in the dark. I thought that was kind of cool that I hadn't considered a 60km ride yesterday as a ride, it was just transportation.

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