20 May 2012

Thanks Brenna

Recall in March I posted about Brenna.

Well Brenna was hosted in South Africa by Carrie Buckmaster, for like a month. Carrie is in Arusha for a short time writing about my buddy Elvis riding around the world raising money.

So Brenna said we should look each other up, so we did and how did we decide to meet? By doing a bike ride of course. I invited the two secondary school students and Julie, but they had other stuff or were tired. Brenna had a serious looking camera so i tried to give her my camera phone every time we stopped. Instead she took a picture of this sorry old saggy guy.

We meet at the clock tower and ride through Ilboru and then we move over to smaller tracks. In the forest we stop for some chai and food and a group of women come along. After some minutes of banter picture taking comes up, and we decide it better she take a picture of us, but her phone is out of "charger".

You can tell we are having a good time by now.

Everyone is getting a kick out of the pictures taken.

Carrie is one of the fittest women I have ridden with here in Arusha. So she opts for the full loop, up to the end of the forest road where it passes through native forest.

Then we start the downhill. Soon we get to this steep part and we both walk. I just happen to decide to snap some pictures.
And I capture Carrie crashing into the bushes.

But we are both laughing about it.

Later on I stop as we cross a gravel road. as I am talking to some guys Carrie comes down fast and cant stop for the ditch on the big road and crashes into me. No serious damage.


  1. Anonymous10:15 am

    What's happenin' roomie? I tracked you down.
    Not easy when you're on a mountain bike and I'm on the couch.

    Email me. So I can email you back.


  2. Anonymous10:22 am

    email =

    first initial of your brother married to Stuen RA beauty. First letter of Andy's roomate. Mylast name. Last two digits year I was born (don't remember if we're the same age). @ msn.com

  3. Hey roomie anonymous
    I tracked you down and sent messages on your website