05 May 2012

Fact finding trip

Olokii bridge. I have ridden to this bridge several times over the years, sometimes it was the destination and sometimes i pass by going south. Today I wanted to find out:
-Can I ride my Raleigh 1970's road bike to this bridge?
-How much water is passing the bridge?

The road is good and the bike was good and it was a good match, this road and the raleigh bike. It is only 27 km to the bridge, the first 15 on tar road and then good road like this. Some sections were smooth and some of the down hills were a bit rough.

I met up with a young man on a single speed and then we rode together for 10km to his house just before the river. He had a small shop and I bought a soda and he had to ride off to meet someone so he left me to talk to hist 4 year old daughter.
I tried to get her to take a picture but she took a picture of the bushes instead of me and my bike.

All the rivers, Ngarenarok, Themi, Naura, Kijenge Rivers all flow into the Themi river. You can see that there is serious amounts of water that have taken away older bridges.

Looking upstream . too many plastic bags.


  1. I got caught up with your blogs. I enjoy the photos. They add a lot for us foreigners.

    This is a repeat comment. I can't always figure out how to get my comment accepted. :-(

  2. Ok i keep trying to get a picture to go with a post. Maybe tomorrow I will have an adventure.