03 May 2012


"LBS" is Local Bike Shop in bike jargon. For a couple months I have been harping about my second hand LBS, I promise I won't blog about it soon.

I felt so good biking home with bright lights yesterday that I stopped on the way to work at Goodie's Shop to share with him how good the dynamo works. I realized I needed a picture and rather than edit old post I start a new one. Goodie is wearing the red hat.
I enquired if he had a smaller chain ring so they brought out a pile of rings to see if one would fit . Those bikes in the back are for sale or rent, and there are more bikes as you go further into the alley. The open door is another business, dressmaking shop, another blog in itself. The mechanics work in the alley way.

At the end of the alley is a mud walled house with a small window. This room is full of used bike parts like what you see here.

Today I found a small chain ring, two rear racks for the Raleigh, another Shimano light with the special connector, and a complete rear wheel (700mm, including hub,rim, and tyre, 6speed cassette). About $50 for everything. It seemed more expensive than normal. They offered to change the chain ring right then , which is cool so when I ride home tonight it will be fun to see how it works on the hills.


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