21 August 2012


So I drug myself off the couch and went for a short ride, like 20km out and 20 back. Uneventful, same road as a million times before.  I almost fell asleep from boredom.
Someone in authority added more rumble strips and I was into a headwind coming home so Icouldn't jump them.  They are new and brutal.  The bike jumps all over .  About Ngaremtoni I go over one and suddenly the bike feels mushy.

I stop and check tyre pressure, wheel tightness, bearing play. Everything is okay. It still feels funny but I ride on. Then I notice a new clicking sound, and it is not in the drive train. I stop again. Can't find anything. Ride on.

While i am looking at the drive train while shifting I see the chain stay is cracked!   Not only cracked but broken clear through! (if you dont know what a chain stay is I attached picture at the bottom).

I notice that if I am pedaling it hold the pieces tightly together but if i coast it opens up and becomes mushy.

Damn rumble strips. I curse the fast reckless drivers who have caused TANROADS to put them in. I limp home and eventually use the service dirt road.

On the chainstay tube just where the gear teeth dissappear you see the break, although it looks like a crack.

It is slightly depressing and worrying. Is the frame rotted out? who will braze it? What will I commute on tomorrow?

Well at least I have something to blog about.

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