30 August 2012


I had to commute a few days on the mountain bike as the raleigh was broke, as I explained in my last post.

 In a few hours  I  had stripped everything off the frame. I noticed that the other chain stay had a small crack and checked the inside of the frame and there was no rust.  Pretty good for a 40 year old bike!

I put it over my shoulder and  took it to a friend with a metal shop on my route to work.   Hashim didn't have gas to braze but took it to someone who brazed and put on piece of pipe. I was appreciative because he knows about metals as he was trained in USSR in the 70's.  Everytime I talk to him he tells me something new about something.  He also helped me clean up the bottom bracket threads.

I spray painted the frame in places and spent a two hours putting everything back together.  I was proud how fast I could do it.  The hardest part was putting the wires for the back taillight.

In the picture you will notice the thicker part of the chainstays behind the bottom bracket.  Not aesthetic but what do you expect from a guy with mono eyebrow.

It rides okay. I lowered the front stem and put on the brooks saddle with the broken rail, which means the seat is a bit forward from before. I would prefer it to be more back but will live with it.


  1. I don't know what a chain stay is. The 2 photos didn't have any recognizable parts....unbroken or whole. Finally, I got to the bottom of the blog and saw the line drawing. Thanks. We just had to rebuild the Subaru transmission. You got off easy. :-)

    This is the 2nd try to leave a comment. I can't find the 'save' square. It wants me to sign up for my own blog instead.

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