30 August 2012

West Meru Plateau

I was planning on a long slow road ride on Saturday but Thomas said lets do long slow mountain bike ride. We opted for over the West Meru Plateau , hoping that the rain last weekend had settled the dust. It looked good for the first section but once we got above Olmotonyi the main road was 6 inches of dust over loose gravel. We managed to find trails along side and other roads for most of the time, even riding on open forest without trails at times. This time we had clear veiws down once we got off the logging road.
There are several large peach orchards, just flowering now.
It is alot of climbing, from 1350m to 2800m. I couldnt keep up with Thomas nor Matt but didnt feel bad about it.
quite a bit of logging activity on top. No sign of elephants. Matt started to ask about "short cuts" down to the highway. Higher up in the moorland and heather there was no logging and the road was a mellow track. We turned the cornor and had some rolling riding and then it was downhill all the way to the highway Thomas crashed and burned and was covered in dust.
At the road we had a mechanical and Matt was wanting to hop a daladala bus. We knew the feeling, got him to drink a coke, eat, and then we rode together and he drafted right behind and recovered and we were home in another hour or so.

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