01 October 2012

In case you missed this one............

To the first three people who can identify this crap in the road you will receive a free brake tune up in my workshop.


  1. And we have one winner already! Richard Finch from Spokane Washington. Too bad he doesnt have a bicycle.

  2. Hey Erik! Of course we all know it's elephant dung! Does the free brake tune-up include the airfare over to Tanzania?? Hope you, Bernice and the girls are well.
    Did I mention to you that really good friends of mine here in Guelph, Ontario hosted Brenna Coupland on her "warm-up" journey across Canada before heading over to Africa? We were comparing favourite blogs and hers came up as one of the best - and then I mentioned yours and Jerry is keen to read it. He and his wife are keen cyclists.
    Take care!
    Laura McDonald

    1. Hi Laura,
      Unfortunately at this time it does NOT include airfare, but keep it up and maybe someday.

      Yes You had mentioned Brenna had stayed with your friends.

      thanks for reading and commmenting.

  3. It is elephant spoor (sp?). I knew that before reading the other comments. It may be easier for you to come to Alaska than for me to ship my bike to TZ. I'm only 5 months behind on this....