19 October 2012

Even More Suspicious behavior ( or slinking around like a homeless biker)

As you know, there are constant international conferences in the complex where I work. 

This week it was " Sustainable Tourism in Africa's National Parks". Lots of tents, buses idling to take participants to their hotels 5-10 minutes walk away.  Lots of dancing traditional dancers making noise,  TV coverage and other fun stuff. 

On Tuesday I show up and they have given the parking lot where i park my bike to the trinket and exotic clothing hawkers (each i imagine pays a hefty fee).    So I decide to park in the VIP internal car parking lot.  The security guy lets me in but then another security guy comes running over saying " excuse me boss........"  I shrug my shoulders and start whining that I rent 300meters  (3000ft ) of office space and I cant find a place.................   I stop that and slink like a homeless guy out of the parking lot and lock my bike in no man's land behind the shoe shine guys.  the trials of a stealth bike commuter.

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