08 October 2012

Not so suspicious today

I have mentioned before where I work, and the building our offices is in, and the security and officialdom stuff associated with our building in previous posts.

Everyone going into the building goes through metal and bomb detectors like at the airport.  Visitors are grilled, passports held, pockets emptied, etc.

EXCEPT some VIPs they open a little gate and they go around the machine.  I noticed that the Director of PRIDE, AICC, top judges at UN ICTR all fall in this category.  So I was wondering if i should apply, as we have almost as much office space as Pride.

Then today, I happened to fall in step with the Directory of PRIDE as he got out of his black Range Rover and I from where I hide my bicycle.  We talked and walked into the security area, and the security jumped up and opened the little gate for us to by pass the machine.  then we talked about it.  He was wearing a suit and me not even a tie and carrying a dirty pannier.

I wonder if tomorrow I will be VIP?

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