15 October 2012

Winter? Fall? Spring?

When a foreigners asks  "what season is it? ", I don't know what to say  . Today it looks like fall to a European, doesn't it?

Living here it makes more sense to talk about the rainy seasons and the dry seasons, the cold season and hot season, although they don't quite go together. We are in transition from cold to hot, and dry to short rainy season. So is this the end of winter? But we don't plant the big crop until the end of the hot season when the big rains come.
Anyway I thought , wow, looks like fall season when I was growing up in eastern Washington state, USA.   So I stopped for a picture.  This is Thomas, son of a friend.  He is hot shot footballer but I can drop him on a bicycle!

We had a dust settling rain so the tracks on the mountain were perfect. Friday at work these massive clouds spilled over mount meru. Unfortunately the rain didn't reach town, but it made the upper roads perfect.

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