11 March 2010

Excuses not to bike commute

If you read bike commuter blogs they inevitably will blog on the subject , excuses to not bike commute in the morning.

Not all commuter blogs, those who are completely car free don't blog about excuses.

But I and many others are not car free.

We have a car, but i pretty relinquished driving rights to Bernice, my wife. She sometimes tries to convince me to drive, probably to make her feel better. I could ask to use the car.

I must be weird as I never wake in the morning and don't feel like riding the bike to work that day. Well maybe 6 months ago I looked for an excuse one day when i felt tired from a hard wednesday workout.

When I do ask to use the car it is becuase I have a late meeting, or need to drive with someone far.

However, it has happened a few times I have gone for drinks after work, and more than a few times I have had a drink or three and a few times at 8pm, slightly high, looking at the darkness, I try to find an excuse to beg someone to drive me home. There I have admitted it. The excuse is usually it is too late and dark. Of the times I have tried to use the excuse and failed, I am always glad I rode after about 2 minutes of riding.

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