01 March 2010

"New" shock

Rest assured folks, Eriki will ride on.

I sent a distress email to my buddies on advice about what do about my leaking shock.

One said fix it.
Two said "we tried fixing one and it didn't work"
Others offered condolences/pole.
Thomas Holden offered me second hand shock.

Thomas is the other side of 40 years and likes to get serious air on mountain bikes.

A few years ago he broke one of the flanges off on the bottom of the fork. His workshop made a 'cap' and welded the flange to that and he rode it for awhile and did major tests, like jumping 5 foot drops. But for some reason bought a new fork. He assured me it was bomb proof, so I borrowed the shock.

So I have a "new" shock.

A week ago, on the morning before a 7am ride, I put it on at 530 AM. It was pretty straight forward, just took time. I couldn't figure out the adjustment knobs, but when I met up with Thomas he showed me how they work.

I found out that my last shock wasn't taking out the vibrations much like this new one. Wow, what a difference. It is smoother and has more adjustments.

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