29 March 2010

Reasons to ride

This weekend despite being congested and slightly miserable I went on a ride each day besides running errands. I have had had a cold for a week or more, so I haven't ridden any long rides or even gone to club training rides.

Both days I was mulling over where to ride and I had an interesting observation.

I was choosing the route partially by how it would be for chatting to people with along the way.

I was even trying to think of someone to go visit, but time was short.

Recall from a recent post that my Rowberg background doesn't make me a casual conversationalist. But here I am looking at different routes in terms of the chat factor. Saturday I did the loop up to the forest above my house and the chat factor was pretty good. Nothing long but lots of one line chat. Sunday I went west to the monduli foothills and it was even better once i got off the main road.

" Is that rain over there gonna make us wet?"
"Yeah I think so" as the woman starts running faster.

" Hey you are you watching those rain clouds? You better figure something out."

" Hey white man. Put your bike down and help us push this hand cart out of this river crossing"

" Let me have that bicycle."

I didn't bring a raincoat, and I figured a soaking wouldn't help my cold, and there is a family wedding in the late afternoon so I turn around at 40 minutes and cruise home, getting slightly wet but not cold.

As I thought about the social aspect of riding I realize it has always been a factor. Even running cross country in college was probably as much a social thing for me as it was addiction to running.

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