17 March 2010

Guess what happened on the way to work?

A tree fell on me.

I decided to swing by Olasiti area on the way to work to offer condolences to someone. It was mid day and it was sunny and hot.

I had a soda and a talk and made to leave .

When I stepped outside it was overcast, kind of gray, rain threatening looking. In Burka and the clouds turned darker and overhead it became black. It started to sprinkle, then rain. I put on my rain jacket in a down pour. I got soaked riding in a minute, then a strong wind came up, and pushed me all over the wide trail. I was staring straight down as the rain was blowing hard at me. It was threatening to blow me over at times.

All of a sudden a bicycle passed by me at great speed a couple inches away. Wow, so I started watching where i was going. Kind of .

The next thing I know I hear a crack and a 5 meter trees has blown over on top of me! Its spreading branches enveloped me and brought me and the bike down. I tried to lift the bike up but the tree was pushing me down. I slithered our backwards , then dragged the tree off the bike and continued riding in the downpour. No scratches, no harm at all. really weird. The many branches cushioned the impact. I wish I had a picture.

It rained very hard for another 5 minutes and then let up. I was totally soaked from waist down, so i decided to ride home and change. 20 minutes later I am home and it has not rained at all.

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  1. What an experience!! Glad the tree was well cushioned (branched)!