11 March 2010

Reckless regard for "The Man"

With reckless regard for "The Man", I pulled off a 70 km mountain bike ride on a Thursday morning. I t took until 11 am to start work at home.

I started riding in the dark and met Thomas in the dark at the beginning of the TPRI road.

We road a loop we had done a few months back, and luckily Thomas remembered the turns.

I can never remember which one we took on other rides. Why is that? I ride a route and tell myself "Hey dummy, remember this intersection". A month later i get to the intersection and I can not remember which way we went.

After the village of Likamba we rode down and up out of countless valleys always ending up higher and higher until we passed above Mondul Coffee Estate about 1900 m and rode through the forest and down to Monduli town on single track walking a rocky section.

After a quick coke in Monduli town I sat behind Thomas to Arusha on the road. It was plain transport.

Great ride, great views, good company. The man (me) was not so happy with my daily work performance , but co workers didn't notice I was gone.

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