13 February 2012

Kilimanjaro ride

In actual fact we rode 1/2 way around Mawenzi peak, which stands next to Kilimanjaro and is only 5,000 meters.

That is Mawenzi peak ahead of the riders. It blocked Kilimanjaro for most of the out and back ride.

There has always been a rough gravel road around Kilimanjaro, about 240km but now they have paved a section from Marangu , where most climbers start, around the eastern slopes and along the Kenya border to Rongai on the North side. We are always looking for new tarred roads.

Unfortunately it was 140km of driving to get there. We were about a dozen, bikes in a pickup and people in a stretch landcruiser. It took about 2 hours to get there. We had heard that there is one short stretch not paved in the beginning but as we drove it looked so good we started riding between Marangu and Mkuu.

Vincent had come and was about ahead of us.

I was a bit suprised that we could see Mawenzi all the time, I thought it would be blocked by ridges and trees. The road contours around the slopes of Kilimanjaro / Mawenzi, we started at around 1380m and went to 1800m , but it was rolling so we had another 400m. So we climbed about 800m. The group ahead of me went further.

I rode up to the beginning of the national forest. A planted agro forest of the government.
I was told the riding was even better in the forest, lots of up and downs and curves as the sign warns.

Turning around I was suprised by the open view, I hadn't looked back the whole morning.

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