18 February 2012


Most of my short 2 + hour ride I was thinking "Now what do I have to write about?"

I thought about how nicely this mtn bike rides. It still has some kinks but it rides fast and quiet. Later I thought about the dust. I thought about philosophical things but I have forgotten them. Okay now I remember I thought about Thoreau and the cost of getting somewhere.

Then it started to sprinkle. It started to rain.

I was going up hill and was warm, so I kept going. Then it poured for awhile, and it kept raining as i spun up the Ilboru road.

I reached the forest road and I was wet but not cold. I contoured on the forest road alone as everyone else was holed up under buildings or trees.

I took this picture. It is bad picture because the lens was wet.

Then i turned the next cornor and started descending. I started feeling cold. I started slowing down to keep the windchill to a minimum. I thought i would ride out of the rain as I descended but the rain descended the mountain also. by the time i arrived home my feet were numb, my hands stiff, and i was like a drowned rat.

So I am not going to listen to my buddies anymore who jibe me about always carrying a raincoat in my jersey pocket. Thanks alot guys.

I took a hot shower, a hot bath, and resorted to a heavy sleeping bag for an hour.

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