20 February 2012

Another convert?

While I am posting the last entry I see an email from someone I don't think I know, and from same person a facebook friend request (yes I use it , but don't admit it much).

Im Petr, im a huge fan of Off road mountain biking, i read your blog and i think i just found the right person i was looking for.I live in Arusha, I've always found it hard to get my hands on off road mountain biking i rarely do ride with my friend. I would like to get to know you and go ride with you someday. You made my day.

Petr Deus. Since I am logged on face book already of course you look at his bio and pics. Petr wants to bike, is in secondary school at Braeburn

I accept the request and immediately we chat and I ask

"where do you live?"
"Where do i live?
It takes a bit of time but you see it coming.

We are neighbors! Like 500 m.

More questions. He lives with Bernice's boss at World Vision. Not immediate boss, the country director.

He comes over so we can see his bike. It needs some work, more than a few minutes. I fix the brakes and seat, replace a cable and sheath. The stopper is the seat post is fused and the stem.

We arrange to meet 630am and do a ride, he will use Bernice's bike.

True to his word he shows up at 630am. Good omen.

No helmet, long pants, and backpack. Bad omen.

It has been too long since I was a newbie, out of shape and fumbling with the mechanics of riding a bike. Shifting is an issue. Even my bike after a muddy ride and a washing is all messed up in shifting.

Half way up the mountain it dawns on me he needs more help.
"put your ball of foot on the pedal"
"roll up your pant leg"
shift one gear at a time"
"anticipate the shift"
ease off on the pedals when shifting pedal when shifting.

He is game and we make it around Sambasha hill, now it is 90% coasting .

He gets alot of cramps. The last one 500m from his house and he just falls over and cant get up for 5 minutes Of course this is with a crowd of people offering advise.

I think he had a good time. a repeat ride will tell.

Petr walking a long hill.

Checking his phone.
I was wrong. Posting on facebook. and here is the post.......

Petr Deús
Intense Mountain biking — with Erik Rowberg at Sambesha Hill,Mount Meru.
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