13 February 2012

My favorite bookshop

I thought all Arushan's knew this "bookshop", but Friday night I found Thomas Mbise didn't know it. This is Massawe's book shop on sidewalk the center of Arusha, just around the cornor from the main post office. He buys and sells and must have boxes and boxes stored somewhere as the selection changes every week.

Whenever I walk down that street he waves me over, scans his display, and says "These are what you need today."
I always say " But i will have to go to the bank, as your prices are so exorbitant, I dont carry that much cash." Seven out of ten times I leave some cash there.

But 9 out of 10 transactions he makes a good selection. He knows I like Dick Francis but I have most of his books now, so rarely does he make a sale on those books. But he introduces me to new authors.

I wonder what it would be like if he had a four wall shop?

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